The State of Islam in Black America(Comic Series)

“What many of these Black American Salafis have done in an attempt to be different from non-Muslims, is essentially alienate themselves from other black people, which has become the basis for their invitation to Islam. For them, the more estranged you are from black culture, the closer you are to following the Sunnah. ” Brother Hameed, From The Back Of the Bus to the Back of the Camel.


“The Nation of Islam was not only the predecessor of Islam in the Black American community, but by and large, it was also the forbearer of black consciousness and liberation theology. Black empowerment, black nationalism, the knowledge of self and healthy eating practices were all a part of the Nation’s agenda which still influences black people to this day. However, in the present, Black American Sunni Muslims have found themselves in a very complicated conundrum. Gone are the days where Islam with minor exceptions can be seen as being influential in resolving the social ills in the Black American community.” Brother Hameed, From the Back of the Bus to the Back of the Camel.

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