Cognitive Dissonance of Afrocentricity: The Case of Molefi Assante.

(Editorial Note: In this article of the Black Dawah Network, Islamic thinker Baron Jamaal Musa hurls truth at falsehood exposing how the anti–Islam Afrocentrism of Dr.Molefi Asante relies upon Eurocentric assumptions of the world.)


DrMolefi Kete Asante is Professor and Chair, Department of African American Studies at Temple University and one of the most renowned critics of Islam’s legitimacy in the Black people.  He has for example asserted that ““the non-African roots of Islam played a role in dismantling The Black Movement.””  In The Afrocentric Idea, Asante asserts:

“Furthermore, the Eurocentric formulations recognize neither African classical thought nor the African classical past. We are essentially left with a discontinuous history and an uncertain future. By contrast, the Afrocentric analysis reestablishes the centrality of the ancient Kemetic (Egyptian) civilization and the Nile Valley cultural complex as points of reference for an African perspective in much the same way that Greece and Rome serve as reference points for the European world. Thus, the Afrocentrist expands human history by creating a new path for interpretation, making words like Negro and colored obsolete and anachronistic. African is identified with time, place, and perspective. Without the Afrocentric perspective, the imposition of the European line as universal hinders cultural understanding and demeans humanity.” [Asante, The Afrocentric Idea, Pg. 11]

Now, let us dissect the cognizance dissonance of Asante’s jumbled thought process. He complains of Eurocentric formulation not recognizing African classical thought nor the Africa classical past!  Asante complains that a Afrocentric perspective is necessary so as not to have the “European line” imposed as universal as it hinders cultural understanding and demeans humanity. Yet, he accepts the European line, literally, that the Isthmus of Suez and the Red Sea is a demarcation line separating the world and thus relegates Black people to the Narrow Nile Valley thus demeaning their humanity by hindering the cultural understanding that Black people built civilization also on the Tigris and Euphrates!Persons of common sense and modest intelligence when viewing a map can readily detect the following:

“Arabia belongs to and is part of a huge and relatively uniform geographical unit stretching from the west coast of “Africa” across six thousand miles to the Indus Valley.” [ARAMCO And Its World, pg. 104]

However, Mr. Asante and his cohorts are blinded by European Spatial Appropriation to accept, without resistance, the space appropriated to them as “Africans” by Europeans! All this “African” talk yet Asante depends upon the European to tell him that the world of the BLACK Man and Woman dies at the red sea! Any person with common sense or a half ounce of brain when they look at a map would know Black peoples ancient domain includes Arabia and India. How can one consider themselves Afrocentric yet depend upon European cartographic constructs to tell them what an African is?

Mr. Asante and other Afrocentrist like him have been hoodwinked, bamboozled, led astray  by the white power structure to oppose Islam. Yet, neither Mr. Asante nor any Afrocentrist academic, polemicist, or thinker can stop the inevitable rise and resurgence of Islam in Black America. The Black Dawah Network invites Dr.Molefi Asante  to the religion of Islam.

“Truth has (now) arrived, and Falsehood perished: for Falsehood is (by its nature) bound to perish.” 17:81

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