MEI acknowledges the traumatic effect that the transatlantic slave trade had on the psyche of the enslaved Africans as well as their posterity in contemporary times. We seek to return Islam to having transformative effect that it once had on Black life by working towards the  revival and restoration of Islam in the Black community.

Despite African American Muslims having had access to Islamic knowledge, their erudition has been devoid in understanding, context, and practice.
We believe that our well-intended immigrant co-religionists, even the religious learned among them, do not possess the competency to alleviate these social ills from the black community. 
As African American Muslims, we are impacted by single parent households, the prison industrial complex, black on black homicides,  just as much as our non –Muslim brethren, despite possessing the Quran and Sunnah.
Possession is not enough, but the proper understanding and implementation is necessary to medicate the ills of black lives in America.

 Mission and Objectives

The Muslim Empowerment Institute (MEI) is a cultural and educational institution that was established in 2015 during the month of Ramadan with the following goals and objectives.

  • To provide a correct and comprehensive Islamic perspective to both new Muslims and society-at-large by presenting the principles of Islam, the essentials of Islamic knowledge, and connecting the students with relevant issues of the American society;
  • To empower Muslims in America with an understanding of the distinction between religious requirements and rulings versus cultural norms and nuances
  • To reference best practices and provide basic Islamic education that further establishes Islam as a firm and valuable part of American culture.

The Institute strives to attain these goals and achieve these objectives by:

    • Holding conferences, seminars, symposiums and workshops, both in-person and online; 
    • Writing and publishing works of independent, contemporary male and female scholars in America;
    • Working with researchers, scholars, and the academic community to address issues in Islamic thought with a broad and practical application for 21st century America.

Muslim Empowerment Institute (MEI) is the education initiative of the Islam in America Movement (IAM), a national civic and spiritual engagement organization founded on July 4, 2008. Through the work of IAM at the national level, the Institute has developed solid relationships and cooperative agreements with a diverse and growing segment of mosques, centers, and other institutions throughout the United States.