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The Sad Saga of the Negro Imam!

More than an individual, the Negro Imam reflects and represents a mindset; a way of thinking and thus, acting. Once you know the characteristics of the Negro Imam, which is highlighted most blatantly by his consistent, sometimes exclusive engagement of, concern for and service to and for institutions and organizations whose agenda is most often indifferent to the best interest of his people, the disenfranchised Black masses, and it is easy to identify just who embodies those traits; and how dangerous he, the Negro Imam as well as those he influences is to the independence and self-determination of the Muslim Black man and women, and Islam in America in general.

Just as Malcolm X once explained about the House Negro and the Field Negro, the Negro Imam,(Just like the Negro preacher that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad said was his worse enemy and critic) protects and promotes the agenda and objectives of his “boss”, at the expense of his own community, in the same way the House Negro did for his master on the plantation. The evidence surrounds us and does not lie.

As Muslims, we firmly believe in the Islamic concept of universal brotherhood. Our problem with the institutions which Immigrant Muslims have established is not based on the fact  that they consist of Immigrant Muslims. Our problem is that the institutions which Immigrant Muslims have established in America instead of allying themselves with the Black Muslim tradition of a holy-protest against white supremacy, more often than not, they acquiesce to it.

 “The Negro Imam”  affiliated with said institutions will be completely  devoid of an agenda to advance Islam in Black America  with a consistent engagement with disenfranchised Black communities. Whereas, Malcolm X upon being leaving prison went up and down Detroit’s Black ghettos to speak with drug traffickers, gang members, and other disenfranchised Black folks about Islam,  “the Negro Imam” is comfortable being a token in immigrant Muslim institutions which have at best, abysmal engagement with Black communities.

 When Black Muslims organize for their own self determination, Black Muslims are accused of being “nationalistic” or “separatists” and have to endure the tongue lashing and false narrative of “there is no Black or white” or “racism in Islam.”   In contrast, Immigrant Muslims get away with their separatism because “The Negro Imam” is with them. Thus, this gives the illusion that their organization “serve all Muslims” when in reality their agenda is diametrically opposed to the necessary steps Black Muslims must undertake to advance Islam in Black America.

   We Must Eradicate the Mentality Of the Negro Imam!

Do you believe that what you’ve read is true and good for Black Folks?

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The State of Islam in Black America!

All too often, “Muslim American” issues are largely disconnected from “Black Muslim” issues. This is problematic and presents a challenge that only the Black American Muslim community can address.

The Black American Muslim has to reclaim her/his place in the narrative of the Islamic experience in America. There needs to be a leveling of the field and an initiative to neutralize the apparent move to marginalize the narrative of the importance and relevance of Islam in Black Americaand the Black American Muslim experience. Failure to do so, it is feared, will result in the coming of a time when it will be asserted that Islam in America really didn’t began or take off until the 1980’s on a college campus…… We already see a shift towards that trend in the common, popular narrative today.

It is in that spirit that Islam in America Movement (IAM) is honored to announce the national launch of State of Islam in Black America™.

What: State of Islam in Black America – A National Conversation and Results Oriented Dialogue™ is a continuing series of local and regional discussions, symposiums and town hall meetings, focused upon the challenges, issues and opportunities for and of the Muslim Community in America from the perspective of the Black (or African-American) Muslim. State of Islam in Black America is the brainchild of author, media strategist and Muslim Public Intellectual Amin Nathari. Nathari is an activist and servant-leader in the Muslim American community for more than two decades, and a lifelong Muslim.

Why: To identify, uplift and support the good work, activities, programs and services, in every field and sector, among and within the BlackMuslim community throughout America and to bring those things before the broader community-at-large. The intent is to look at best practices institutionally and organizationally, minimizing no existing endeavor or initiative, and to celebrate and share what works.

When: July 4, 2017 through July 4, 2018. A schedule of confirmed cities and dates will be available at and updated as new cities are added. The tour will culminate with State of Islam in Black America – the Inaugural Islam in America Movement (IAM) Conference in the Fall 2018, with the plan for the State of Islam in Black America conference to be held every other year thereafter.

Where: Masajid, mosques, Islamic centers, colleges and universities and other community/public spaces and venues throughout the United States of America

How: By creating and nurturing new initiatives wherever gaps exists and a need is present. State of Islam in Black America. Because its time.

If we truly believe that “there is no American history without Black history”, then it is also true that the destiny and success of the Muslim community and the American society-at-large is directly and inextricably linked to the contributions and importance of the Black Muslim community.

The work of Islam in the Black American Muslim community must continue. Will you join us on this important journey and help IAM continue our civic engagement and educational empowerment work by making a contribution today?

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