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Can you be Pro-Black and Believe in the White Man’s Map?

(“Can you be Pro-Black Believing in the White Man’s Map?” is an excerpt taken from a Black Dawah Network lecture of Professor Shareef Muhammad. )


Maps are inherently political, always have been. Maps have always been political. They’ve always reflected the politics of the people who are making the maps.  The idea of making Europe north up superior, Africa south bound down below sub; even the word sub-Saharan. The word sub implies subpar. That this is a completely arbitrary demarcation in relationship to the cosmos. Because there is no up and down, left and right.

So the decision to exclude the Arabian Peninsula entirely from the continent of Africa, from the historical, cultural, geographical, and genetic content of Africa is as should be by Afro-centrist standards just as problematic as excluding Egypt from the rest of Africa. The same rocks and trees that are on one side of the Red Sea are on the exact immediate other side of the Red Sea. The languages that are spoken on one side of the Red Sea are phonetically similar to the languages immediately on the other side of the Red Sea. The phenotype of the people on one side of the Red Sea are very similar to the phenotype of the people on the other side of the Red Sea.

The problem with Afro-centrism is it’s not a real discipline. It never became a discipline with theory, criteria, and methodology. It’s sort of grasped in the dark or in very dim light to pick up whatever it could use as a tool to sort of fashion a view or perspective on history that undermines and offset the extremely biased view of the white established an academic view of history.

Professor Shareef Muhammad has taught history at Georgia State University and Islamic studies at Spelman University.  He has a masters in history at Kent State University with his thesis on The Cultural Jihad in the antelbellum South: How Muslim slaves preserved their religious/cultural identity during slavery.

An open letter to GhostFace Killah: Help the Dawah to Islam.

To my Muslim brother Ghostace Killah,

My name is Hakeem Muhammad, I am an student attorney from Chicago focusing on criminal defense and prisoner’s rights. But more importantly, I am a Muslim and was deeply inspired by  a 2013 interview of yours in which you describe your conversion to Islam.

You were asked about books you enjoy reading and you stated “I like reading stuff about the Prophet Muhammad, pbuh and the Qu’ran and stuff.” You were asked about the many multiple issues facing many inner-cities from the drug economy to homicides. You stated  that among many youth “They have no spiritual guidance so they not afraid of anything.” One of the things which our Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, taught us is that, “None of you will believe until you love for your brother what you love for yourself.”

As a very influential rapper and also someone who has studied the life of Prophet Muhammad, pbuh and the Qu’ran, I believe you can have a monumental impact in providing spiritual guidance to oppressed Black youth throughout America.  The Black Dawah Network, a Muslim Empowerment Institute Initiative, would like for you to join our efforts to propagate the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, throughout oppressed inner-city communities as part of an ongoing Islamic movement to combat white supremacy.

In one of your songs that has always touched my heart All I Got Is you, you describe your upbringing growing up in Staten Island, New York growing in poverty.  You stated there were days you had to rely upon your neighborhoods for food, and using newspaper instead of toilet paper. You  discuss New York Housing Authority harassing your family by seeking to throw you out of your place after you caught a case. The wretched conditions you describe in your neighborhood growing up emanate from the white oppression of Black communities. A recent study found that  fifty years after the Fair Housing act of 1968,  New York City is in a defacto state of segregation  and poor Blacks were more likely to live in neighborhoods with higher poverty neighborhoods than whites.  

Brother Ghostface Killah, The Black Dawah Network, which  focuses on Islamic outreach to oppressed Black communities,  would like invite you to work with us on a series of dawah videos on the life of Prophet Muhammad pbuh targeted to oppressed Black youth.

We want you to help teach the masses of the people how the  practice of Islam can enable oppressed Black masses confined in inner-cities to challenge wretched conditions the white power structures imposes on Black communities. Lastly, we would like to invite you to join the Dawah and to use the platform you have to call the disenfranchised Black communities throughout the hoods of New York to Islam.

Remember brother,  this life is transitory and our deeds will be weighed by Allah(swt) on the Day of Judgment. If someone becomes Muslim as a result of your actions this will benefit you greatly on the day of judgment.

Contact hakeemmuhammad498@gmail.com to get involved in the dawah.


Hakeem Muhammad










Black August: The Month of Dawah To Black Marxist!

“And who is better in speech than he who invites to Allah and does righteous deeds, and says: ‘I am one of the Muslims.'” Qur’an, Fussilat (41):33]

Black August commemorates the Black revolutionary history of resistance to white supremacy. It is a time when Black Marxists, following in the footsteps of great Black leaders like George Jackson, founder of the Black guerilla family, and Huey Newton, founder of the Black Panther Party for self-defense, were active and organizing within Black communities.

In Huey Newton’s magnus opus, Revolutionary Suicide, Huey Newton traces the origin of the Black Panther Party for Self Defense stating, “I first heard Malcolm X speak at McClymonds High School in Oakland when he attended a conference sponsored by the Afro-American Association on the Mind of the Ghetto. Muhammad Ali was with Malcolm, and he told about his conversion to Islam.”

From there, Huey Newton stated, “I started going to the Muslim Mosque in Oakland and San Francisco” However, he added, “I would have joined them, but I could not deal with their religion. By this time, I had enough of religion and could not bring myself to adopt with another one.” While Huey Newton  stated he founded the Black Panther Party for Self Defense having been, “influenced by the Muslims and Malcolm X”, he ultimately based his organization on Marxist principles.

In this Black Dawah Network campaign, we will be answering the following, “How could Black Muslims have given Dawah to Huey Newton so that he could have stayed in the Mosque and used his revolutionary gifts for the cause of Islam instead of Marxism?”  This Black Dawah Network campaign of Dawah to Black Marxist, will discuss:

  • Why Blacks are attracted to Marxism?
  • What Marxism fails to do for the Black community?.
  • An Islamic refutation and Critique of the Marxist Worldview.  
  • How to call Black Marxists, Socialists, and Black Leftists in general to Islam.